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Blossom Montessori School & Blossom Pre-School

Welcome to Blossom. 

We strive to provide a welcoming, calm and caring environment where children are able to play and learn at their own pace, making discoveries and choices for themselves along the way.


Our Approach

Our approach is based on the educational system devised by Dr Maria Montessori, which encourages each child’s potential and generates ability, confidence and enthusiasm for learning.  Maria Montessori believed that children absorb knowledge through actually doing activities for themselves.  She felt that they must have a ‘hands on’ approach in order to understand the concept behind their education.  For this reason she designed an educational environment which is prepared to allow the child to be free and independent, as well as allowing for the overall development of the child.  The aim is to encourage children to think for themselves and to work independently within the structure of the prepared environment.

Child Oriented Environment

Our aim is to provide an environment for the child, which is totally child orientated.  We want to satisfy the child’s thirst for knowledge, while at the same time provide an environment that is appealing and fun to be part of.

Your child will learn about many aspects of the world: Language, Maths, Geography, History, Arts and Crafts, Music and Movement and many more.  This is possible despite the young age of the children because everything is offered as simple activities and games.  The activities also encourage the development of communication skills, creativity, co-ordination and investigation skills.

Group Work

Although many activities are individual, we also plan daily group activities.  The nursery is often the child’s first experience in adjusting to a larger group and making friends.  This experience is therefore offered with care and understanding so that a sense of security and belonging is there from the start.

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"An enormous thank you for giving my son such a great start to his educational future as well as giving him confidence fun and laughter. He has loved every minute of his time at Blossom and learnt such a lot, due to your enthusiasm and encouragement"

Anon Parent


Montessori Method and Philosophy

We have much of the equipment that you would normally associate with a nursery school, such as books, puzzles, art equipment etc.  In addition a Montessori class has special teaching materials, which fall within the following categories:

Practical Life

Activities such as pouring and buttoning which enable children to perfect many skills of daily life, whilst also improving co-ordination, motor skills, concentration and self-confidence.


Young children learn many things through sensory experience.  This equipment helps improve children’s sensory ability, making them more able to learn.  It also shows them the fundamentals of the physical world (such as shape, form and colour), a clear understanding of these is the foundation for later, more abstract learning.


We have many activities that prepare children for writing and help them recognise the phonetic sounds of our language.  Once the foundation is laid, reading and writing are learnt through simple enjoyable activities.


Ranges of games give children concrete experience of basic number concepts, with gradual progression being made towards the abstract.


This covers the areas of history, geography and science and is offered through simple materials and games.


The Blossom Montessori School is also a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and the Montessori Schools Association.

'We are committed to Safeguarding all of our children at Blossom’

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