Misson Statement & SEND/Local Offer

The Blossom Montessori School, Brookwood and Blossom Pre-School, Valley End believes that all children are individuals.

We strive to provide a welcoming, calm and caring environment where children are able to play and learn at their own pace, making discoveries and choices for themselves along the way.

In doing this, it is our aim to provide a nurturing environment that facilitates your child’s learning and development, enabling them to grow in confidence, self-esteem and develop their own personality within a framework of good appropriate expectation.

The environment at Blossom Montessori will be open and welcoming to all.  It will be rich in opportunities and reflect the world today as well as being appropriately stimulating and safe, so as to encourage fun and experimentation with a wide range of materials inside and out doors.

We understand that parents are children’s primary carers and acknowledge that only by working in partnership with parents throughout the child’s time at nursery, can we fully understand the need of each individual child. We view communication with the children, their families and staff throughout the setting as a vital tool and will aid the process of communication in any way necessary for the needs of the children in our care.

Staff will be experienced and excellent role models for the children in our care. They will seek to develop their personal skills and knowledge so that they are always best placed to identify the needs of the individual child.

As a provision our standards will always be high and our ‘door is always open’ to all.


Blossom Montessori & Pre-Schools Ltd

S.E.N.D/Local offer

Blossom Montessori & Pre-Schools Ltd is committed to providing an inclusive and broad education for all children in accordance with SEND 14 reforms.

 Blossom Montessori & Pre-Schools Ltd local offer and response to the 14 questions (Local Offer) are available to be seen at both settings; Blossom Montessori School, Brookwood and Blossom Pre-School, Valley End.  At all times, you will be kept fully informed about the support that is being made available and the procedures involved.

 We have named Senco’s at both settings:  Paula Jaski, Manager Blossom Montessori School, Brookwood.  Samantha Grice, Blossom Pre-School, Valley End and Sian Rumble owner of both settings.  Between all 3 Senco’s we all have a specific responsibility to ensure that our SEND policy is reviewed and that all support is appropriate to meet the needs of each identified child.

 We also recognise and support children who are acknowledged as being most able. At Blossom opportunities are created to ensure that all groups of children can flourish.

 Before starting at Blossom Montessori & Pre-School’s Ltd we will invite you to a ‘play visit’ session where we talk about your child’s transition into nursery. This is part of our ‘Settling In’ Policy and Procedures, and is highly successful for all concerned. Parents and children can find this transition very scary and to relieve anxiety we want you to get to know us first. You and your child will relax once you have got to know us and the settings routines and boundaries. This time also helps us to build a picture and gain information about your child.

We will ask you to complete an ‘all about my child’ which will then be transferred into your child’s Learning Journal; this will help us to share information about your child’s strengths and needs. At the play visit you will be able to discuss with the Key Person and/or SENCO/Manager/Owner of any concerns or requirements your child may have.

We will work with you to support your child together, listening to you and your child. Our SENCO will explain how children’s individual needs can be met by planning support using an Individual Support Plan (I.S.P) and support/advice if required from Surrey County Council Early Years & Childcare Services.

Observations, assessments and evaluations all contribute towards I.S.P.s and the SENCo alongside your child’s key person would oversee the targets on the I.S.P.

These are always available for you to view and comment on. Your child’s key person will be in the sessions your child attends, fostering a relationship with and understanding your child. The SENCO will often also be present.

Together they will identify individual needs and plan next steps, accessing additional support from other professionals where necessary. Your child’s Learning Style, interests and stage of development will be used support their development.

The SENCO will maintain an overview of experiences and progress and will work with all staff to ensure we are providing the relevant and appropriate support.

We will work in partnership with you and your child, reviewing the ISP targets, and planning new ones together, and give ideas to use at home to support your child.

The children will have, Child Friendly ISP’s with targets that they can work towards; this can then give the child a voice and involvement in their own development.

 What is the Local Offer?

The LA Local Offer:

Blossom Montessori & Pre-Schools Limited. Registered Office: 5 Park Court, Pyrford Road, West Byfleet, KT14 6SD. Registered No: 8915823